Domed LED Neon Light D10P

  1. Independent energized wire structure : Pure copper wire 0.75㎡ *2 .

  2. 2835 SMD LED,10*30mil supper LED chip,bending resistant pure copper bracket, pure gold wire welding,long life,Super  Bright .

  3. Eco-friendly PVC materials added with anti-UV materials ,& PVC heat/cool stabilizer , high temp/low-temp resistant .

  4. High-quality rolled copper PCB board, 70oz copper foil on both sides.

  5. Vivid NEON lighting effect, uniform light,no dots.

  6. With 10mm domed luminous surface, 240° view angle.

  7. Waterproof IP67.Can be used indoors and outdoors.

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    This light is developed on the basis of traditional glass neon lights. It has the characteristics of traditional glass neon lights and also has the characteristics of easy modeling of LED neon lights. It is especially suitable for making high-quality neon signs. Its bottom is designed with a width of 8MM, which is convenient for bending; the light-emitting surface is designed as a hollow arc shape, which is similar to traditional glass neon lights. Combining the advantages of LED light-emitting, it can achieve a better light-emitting effect than traditional glass neon light. The D10P neon light adopts a dual-wire dual-parallel structure, which effectively solves the serious problem of voltage drop of ordinary LED neon lights. At the same time, the dual-wire structure also avoids secondary welding during the sign production process, thereby avoiding the damage to the LED lamp beads by multiple welding. It also effectively reduces the failure rate of neon lights and their signs, increases the effective service life of the product, and brings consumers a more comfortable experience. 

The main parameters:


A variety of colors for you to choose:

mattled color.png


· Path & contour marking
· Canopy Lighting

· Cove lighting

· Elegant interior decoration
· Bridge edge lighting
· Architectural decorative lighting
· Backlighting for larger size   ad-signs· Casinos, bars, & night clubs· Archway Lighting
· Landscape outlines

· Amusement park & theater · Auditorium walkway lighting
· Signal lighting

· Swimming pool edge lighting· Stairway accent lighting

Installation Drawing:


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