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Matt is a real Neon sign manufacturer,from Neon lights to Neon signsWe specialize in customizing high-quality integrated neon lights unlike lights from many other neon makers, We customize neon lights for your wedding, family, company, and party in different scenarios. Our neon lights add charming and romantic colors to your wedding or party, and can make your wedding truly memorable.Light up your home、room add romantic with red led night signs for home decoration,perfect for your little princess and prince.

All of our neon signs are 100% handmade by skilled workers, they made each neon sign as neon art in their heart.

Have a unique design in mind? Upload your image or idea and our designers will send you a 

free neon sign mockup.Welcome to custom your own neon sign for  

Home,Business,Wedding,Party,Studio etc. 

Beautiful, incredibly High Quality Neon Sign, Handmade and Designed for durability.

Make a Statement and bring the mood in any Room with this beautiful handmade LED Neon Sign that is sure to create the Mood you've always dreamed of!



LED Neon is safe, quiet and far less fragile than ordinary glass Neon, making it a much more suitable choice for your Bedroom, Wedding, Bar, Salon or Shop window.


  • Choose your Size

  • Choose your Color

  • Choose your Font

  • Choose your Acrylic Backing


  • PVC and Silicone LED Neon Lights

  • Polished Acrylic Backing

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