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About US

Guangzhou Matt Electrical Lighting Co., LTD is a professional company focus on LED Neon Flex series and custom LED Neon signs.
What we can offer customers?
We produce full range of LED Neon Flex series,It including
Side Bending with Dome Surface
Side Bending With Flat Shape
Vertical Bending with Flat shape
Besides LED Neon Flex series,Matt supply custom made LED Neon sign,it is
made by our super Mini LED Neon Flex with 3LEDs per cut.
We have design team can make customers’ idea come ture,we can custom any kind of LED Neon signs, LED Flex Neon Sign, Handmade LED Neon Sign, Custom Neon Sign, Handmade Neon Signs, Custom Designed LED Neon Signs, LED Signs, Neon Sign, LED Neon Sign Products, Bespoke Neon Signs and Bespoke Led Neon Signs.